Book of Lucy

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The Book of Lucy is a one-hour drama that explores what happens when Lucy Kane, the Devil's half-mortal daughter, “coincidentally ends up at the same small town as Jessie Santos, who just happens to be God's teenage brat. ‍

Book of Lucy


Book of Lucy


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The Book of Lucy is an hour long drama based in the fictional bible belt town of Highwater, Indiana. The two most powerful teenagers in the world find themselves pitted against each other in an epic battle between Heaven and Hell. Sixteen-year-old Lucy is the daughter of the Devil, a result of a soul-selling deal between her absent mom and the Devil himself. Lucy was living in Sin City when the town became rampant with Fallen Angels and Demons and she decided to leave.. for her own safety. She packed her bags and ended up (by chance?) in Highwater. Soon after, she meets Jessie Santos who she later discovers is the daughter of God. 

The Book of Lucy is slightly similar to "The OA” in that it's driven by mythos, and character's desire for self discovery, but uses heart and humor, much like "Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, to layer in the supernatural stakes with the added layer of our lead characters being the children of the two people involved in the world's longest, most epic, and most, publicized rivalry.

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